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Ways To Stay Safe From Fecal Bacteria In The Swimming Pools

All of us plan for swimming trips to the pool once the summer sets in. The plain blue water should not deceive us. Even though the pool seems clean, we cannot estimate the number of microbes in it. The Polaris 280 Review is impressive and is cited to be the best pressure-side pool cleaner. Bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella, parasites like Cryptosporidium and viruses are found in pool waters, Check It Out before you take a dip to avoid infections. The fecal matter in the water and the germs on the bodies of the swimmers make a deadly combination for infectious diseases.

Chlorine treatment also cannot ensure that all the germs are dead. If the water is swallowed by mistake, many underlying bacteria enter the body. The crypto pathogen attack is on the rise in the pools and is causing a menace. The crypto pathogen can live up to a week despite the treatment provided to the water. There is a theme that says diarrhea and swimming do not mix. In the U.S.A., cases of crypto parasite attacks are reported in bulk every summer. The health department has raised a serious concern against this issue.

We all mistakenly swallow the water sometimes, dive and breathe and spit out water. The pathogens floating on the surface then take advantage and enter our bodies. Not only the crypto pathogen attack, but we also have diseases like:

Ø Ear infections-
The pool water gets into the ear canal and causes an infection. This infection is the most common among the frequent swimmers.
Ø Diarrhea-
Norovirus, E-coli bacteria get inside the body and create a havoc in the digestive system that causes motions and vomiting.
Ø Respiratory infections-
Legionnaires’ disease is caused by the inhalation of aerosol water droplets of the pools and hot water tubs. The pathogen Legionella is responsible for this infection.

Ways by which we can protect ourselves from infections and diseases that are waterborne:

1) We should keep our mouths closed while swimming to prevent microbes from entering our body. We should remember that all the germs are invisible,but they exist.
2) We should make sure that we use the washroom every hour and we should insist the children on using the washroom too. The swimming diapers should be changed in the bathrooms and not on the swimming decks. Once the diaper is soiled, we should step out of the pool that very moment.
3) We should take a bath before entering the pool with antibiotic soap. The children under five should regularly be supervised as the fecal matter gets mixed in the water pretty soon. We should all clean our private parts thoroughly to prevent the infections and germs from fecal matter.
4) People diagnosed with crypto attacks and those having genital infections must keep away from the pools till they are confident that their infection is cured. People with diarrhea and chronic infections give oral illnesses to the other healthy people as well.
5) Ingestion of water from pools falls, tubs, lakes,and streams might be hazardous due to the presence of microscopic feces.

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