Transformation With A T-shirt

Hacks are all about making the hectic scheduled lives of the busy people easier. Out of all the hacks that have ever existed, the hacks related to clothes are said to be a boon in disguise. T-shirts and shirts constitute a significant part of our wardrobes. Tall Tees and small tees look good on everyone. This post talks about the transformations by a simple t-shirt. Image yourself into a situation when you are running late, and suddenly you find out that you have become fat. Indeed, you have a week’s time to go to the gym and get back into the right shape.

Suddenly, you pick up a t-shirt from your wardrobe that fits you perfectly in the right places. Thus, highlighting the structure of your body which you wanted to highlight and covering up those which needed least of the attention. Experts from favorite clothing brands stated that a t-shirt that has vertical stripes could make you appear slimmer and taller. These vertically striped t-shirts can cover up the bulged part of your body, or at least such t-shirts can create an illusion of you looking slimmer. Although, such hacks are too good to be true. Can a person look slimmer just by wearing a striped t-shirt? Well, this completely varies from person to person depending on the different body sizes.

Many Scientists in the past have researched about the impact that the different designs and prints namely, vertical and horizontal, can have on an individual in general. For some people, vertical prints might appear to be slimmer whereas, for the others, flat prints might appear slimmer. For some people, horizontal lines might appear broader whereas, for the others, horizontal lines might appear narrower. The appearance of any print looking thinner or thicker depends on two factors mainly. First on the perceptual process of an individual and second on the person’s body type who is wearing the vertically printed t-shirt or horizontally printed t-shirt. Since not everyone desires to look slim and thin, some might want to look broader as well.

One must know which dress and which print suits him or her, the best. To know which of the prints suit you perfectly. The best thing you can do is to go through the hit and trial method as many times as possible. Try on every dress and then figure out which prints and colors suit you the best. Gather plenty of suggestions for yourself and try on what you think would be the best. T-shirts and dresses can never magically change your body’s appearance, but they can create an illusion of transformation at times. Not all dresses and prints suit everyone. Dresses can speak a lot about one’s personality. Make sure to choose dresses for yourself wisely.

In a fashion show, when horizontal striped t-shirt was worn by female models, they appeared slimmer, and when they tried on a vertically striped dress, they looked relatively thinner. When the male models tried the same printed dresses, the results were almost similar. So, it depends on the body type which print can make one look slimmer or broader.