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Get An Eye Mask And Sleep Like A Baby!

It is a well-known fact that seven to eight hours of sound sleep is an essential building block for a healthier body and brain development. In these few hours of sleep, our body rejuvenates, relaxes and prepare itself for proper functioning and performing newer challenges the next day. Hence neglecting or compromising with your sleeping schedule will turn your whole day upside down. If you face trouble in sleeping well, eye masks are the most natural way to help you sleep soundly. The blepharitis eye mask, which is one the most popular sleeping aid for people suffering from dry eye syndrome is medically proven to help lots of people to get a good night’s sleep. To know more about the health benefits of using eye mask do go through this interesting article

A Dark Environment For You To Sleep!
These eye masks are usually made up of soft fabrics which keeps away the light. It provides a complete uninterrupted dark environment and relaxation to the eyes. It helps you sleep faster. With an elastic provided, you can easily slip it into your eyes and get ready to take your power nap. The best part is it can be used anywhere at any time. Whether you are traveling by air, or wanting to relax for few minutes between busy meeting schedules in office, all you need is to slip it on and give everyone around a ‘do not disturb’ indication.

Scientific Explanation Of The Functioning
There is a clear scientific explanation about how these masks help one to sleep. When our brain senses the darkness, it correlates it to the sense of relaxation and a chemical of sleep ‘melatonin’ is produced. By using an eye mask, you can manipulate with your brain, by providing it the environment you desire and even use earplugs to block the noises.
Making The Right Choice!
With varied options available in the market, it may get confusing for choosing the right one. The best way to make this process more comfortable is to identify when you need to use the eye masks the most.
• Will it be in your bed during the usual night time?
• While on the move? Like traveling or at a new place like a hotel room?
• If you are working in the night, you might need this assistance to take a nap in the daytime.
• Just want to use it as a mode of relaxation for few minutes in your busy schedule.
• If you are suffering from sleep disorders or other ailments like dry eye syndrome, unique type of eye mask would be advisable
After deciding on the usage, you can easily make the decision. Get details about the fabric used, how well it covers your eyes, additional features and the accessories like carrying pouch, etc. available along with it. Ideally, the pad should be extremely comfortable and should not cause any irritability on sensitive skin. It should not create pressure on eyes, and space should be maintained between the two. These masks come in variants like gel mask, hot compress mask, synthetic sleep mask, concave sleep mask, breathable sleep mask made of light fabrics like fleece or satin and luxury eye mask. Depending on your need and comfort level, you can make a choice.

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