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Best Floor Jacks Money Can Buy

Life could be miserable with hydraulic floor jacks for a mechanic. Doing without it would be an impossible task and is an utmost necessity at the workshop. Hydraulic jacks are expensive and are huge in comparison with scissor jacks. It is the best tool needed to lift heavy items. There is no substitute to hydraulic jacks considering easy lifting and mobility. There are numerous options when it comes to buying floor jacks. Among these Arcan is a renowned brand for professional service jacks. Find Arcan xl35 here at, a model suitable to carry that extra load.

According to the experts at, one must choose a hydraulic jack depending on the requirements on hand and the budget. The first aspect to consider while making a choice is identifying the lifting potential. The hydraulic jack is available in varied capacities, and find out the maximum lifting capacities before making a choice. Remember a 2 ton lifting capacity will not serve the purpose when your actual requirement is 3 tons.

Space requirements have to be considered while buying hydraulic jack. Before buying check out the dimensions of the floor jack and ensure it fits your workspace comfortably. Buying an oversized jack and not having enough space to move around would serve no purpose. Similarly buying a high floor jack when your garage roof is low may not be a wise decision either.

Speed of the floor jack also needs to be determined while making a choice. Some floor jacks are faster and some are slow. Having a perfect blend of the two to optimize the performance and complete the job within time is crucial.

Weight of the hydraulic jack has to be lower than 50 lbs, only then it will be easier to move, but for stronger tasks double the weight is acceptable. A bulk floor jack may be cumbersome but could be advantageous as it is robust and durable. While deciding on the size, take into consideration the storage space available. Buying a bulk jack without having sufficient storage space can only damage the equipment. Proper storage and maintenance ensures long life of the jack.

The hydraulic jacks come in steel or aluminum or a combination of both. Steel jacks are heavier and long lasting but aluminum jacks are lighter and are maneuverable. But steel jacks are durable and can withstand pressure. Aluminum jacks are ideal for small garages and people who work from home.

Despite the variety of hydraulic floor jack ranges available in the market it is important to pick the jack that suits your pocket. Not all jacks are budget friendly and most of them may not need expensive jacks. Home users can opt for jacks that are lighter, smaller and budget friendly. Investing in a jack that is too high or too low for your needs could only dampen your work. There are many brands and models available, but branded jacks come at a price. For those brand loyalists it is best to pick a model of your choice in the brand you prefer.

Taking care of these simple considerations it is best to invest in the right hydraulic floor jack. Pick the right jack and make lifting a breeze.

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