Game Of Thrones: Find The Best Drum Chair For You


Picture this scenario. You have been invited to a musical piece, and you reach the venue to discover a horrifying truth. With a lump in your throat and the after-effects of the adrenaline rush slowly declining, you notice that you have forgotten to carry your drum throne. This is every musician’s worst nightmare come true. Before you forget, look up and find the best drum throne that is worth the money spent. Sign up at and be a part of the drummer’s network. There are case studies and interviews for your Sunday read.

Couldn’t ‘Chair’ Less For A Good Seat
How often have you been debating about the use of a drum seat? You will realize the value of a drum chair after you have had a long drive and you can’t wait to rest those tired legs and to ache back. Before you buy a drum throne, you have to focus on important things like:

Identify The “Lead” Drum
Before you buy a drum throne, find out which of your drums are going to be the “lead.” This way it will be easier to establish the correct height and hit the drums from that level. You will notice that it is easier to arrange the other drums round this lead drum, rather than scouting the market for a single drum seat whose height matches the other drums.

Very important. If you want to give your best, do not look at the musical instrument. Rather, measure how comfortable you are when you seat yourself on the chair. There are few varieties of chairs that include a holder to place your accessories like a stick or a towel. While these are attractive additions, they are only options.

You can find two types of drum throne chairs. One of them is styled like a bicycle seat, and the other takes the shape of a bar stool. It is important to try both these types as an individual’s comfort level is going to vary based on personal preferences.

Weight Of Throne
The next important factor is the weight capacity of the throne. It should be strong enough to support your weight and offer you a fine balance.

Your Height
Each music player has a different style of sitting on the seat. Few prefer to sit low with their knees slightly bent, and there are others who adjust the seat, so their thighs are parallel to the ground. Identify your comfort level and height and move on to buy the right drum throne.

It is advisable to buy a drum throne with a flexible height option. This way you will not be playing music in a cramped position.

Shape Of Seat
You can find a square seat, split seat, and so on. To find out about your seat type, sit on the drum throne and play on them. Do you get up feeling sore at the joints or do you feel good after playing? Choice of foam is entirely yours, as some prefer firm foam and others like to rest their derriere on a soft foam.

Base Of The Seat
You can find a tripod, a seat with two legs and four legs. Again, what really matters here is your comfort level. If you feel better in a double braced seat, buy them.

With these ideas in mind, you are now ready to buy a good drum chair without stressing about the little stuff.